First edition of the biennial Art(e)facts, developed under the theme "Supernatural Togetherness" within Guarda’s bid for European Capital of Culture 2027.

Art, Biennial, Visual Identity, 2021

The biennial involved an international open call for artist residencies, in close collaboration with local artisans and their workshops, and culminated in a collective exhibition, simultaneously located in six distinct locations where the residencies also took place — Alcongosta, Janeiro de Cima, Telhado, Famalicão da Serra, Gonçalo and Fundão.

Art(e)facts 2021 – Supernatural Togetherness, 02–09.2021.
Artistic Direction and Curatorship: Andreia Garcia; Promoters: Câmara Municipal do Fundão, Câmara Municipal da Guarda e Guarda 2027; Communication Consultancy: Sílvia Escórcio, CUCO Curating Communication; Video: Pedro Santasmarinas and Vasco Mendes