An archive of 250 architectural works built in Japan between 1961 and 1992.

Architecture, Book, 2021

The physical and tactile dimension of the object, tangible both in its colors, papers, proportion, volume and weight, seeks a intimate and natural universe of discoveries and subtle transitions. The construction of a hybrid, non-hierarchical, free and multidirectional reading space in both languages – English and Japanese – was sought. The book aims to preserve the unique characteristics of each language and, at the same time, integrate them fluidly into the typographic design.

read more at: 1961 – 1992 Japan [pt only]

150×225mm, 512 pages, english and japanese.
Offset printing. 500 copies (1st edition, 2021) 500 copies (2nd edition, 2023).
Awarded at the Best Portuguese Book Design Awards 2022 with an honorable mention and shortlisted at the Best Book Design from All Over the World by Stiftung Buchkunst 2023.