A conference and debate with young portuguese and spanish architects.

Architecture, Poster, 2013

Iberia Critica was a conference where young portuguese and spanish architects presented their work, as well as discussed the architecture's practice present and future inside an economical crisis context. 16 architects/studios (8 portuguese and 8 spanish) of these two border countries, who together constitute the Iberian Peninsula, were invited to the debate.

For the poster/program we choose a folded format that we believed would translate this major geographic component, by resembling the experience of using a map. 
For us, it was also crucial that the event's identity would graphically translate, in many ways, the idea of these two sides/perspectives/experiences over the same subject.

The composition sets itself around a line that crosses the poster all the way: both at the front and at the back, by creating a kind of mirrored timeline that presents the speakers and graphically confronts them – the upper side is for one country and the bottom one for the other.

Poster, 48 × 68 cm (open), 11,3 × 24 cm (folded), offset printing, 1000 copies
This conference was part of Mostra Espanha 2013.
OASRN (Architects Association, Northern Regional Section)