A conference under the theme "The recovered city: to rehabilitate the city (re)drawing it".

Architecture, Poster, 2013

This was the second edition of the International Seminar on Urban Regeneration and Rehabilitation and it was dedicated to the theme "The recovered city, to rehabilitate the city (re)drawing it". The intention was to create an enlarged discussion around the regeneration and revitalisation of city centers, taking Porto, our city, as a study case.
We were asked to design a poster that would present the seminar and its participants. Focusing on this idea of urban centers, we were looking for a graphic and typographic rhythm that would convey this feeling of an urban grid, with a lot of noise and elements that were pointing in multiple directions. Our city is loud, bold and very charismatic and we found in Jean-luc typeface the right weight to built a compact and bold body of text that, at same time, has its own lightness to it.

Poster, digital printing
Typeface(s): Jean-Luc by Atelier Carvalho Bernau
OASRN (Architects Association, Northern Regional Section)