The second edition of Maia Architecture Month (MAM'19) – Fast Forward – proposed a preview of the territory for the coming 100 years.

Architecture, Exhibition, Visual Identity, 2019

Maia Architecture Month (MAM’19) took place in a year when the city of Maia (Portugal) commemorated the 500th anniversary of its Manueline Foral Charter. MAM’19, curated by Andreia Garcia, proposed a reflection on territory, landscape, environment, architecture, technology, mobility and society in the upcoming 100 years. “Fast Forward” was the main exhibition, which invited 8 architecture studios and 4 architecture critics to reflect upon these themes.

Maia Architecture Month '19 (MAM'19), 1 – 31.03.2019, Fórum da Maia, Portugal.
Promoter: Municipality of Maia; Concept, Curator: Andreia Garcia; Production: Andreia Garcia, Clara Puentes, Margarida Antunes; Exhibition Architecture: Andreia Garcia, Clara Puentes

MAM'19 poster was exhibited at: Format(s), Festival Design Graphique Strasbourg (France, 2022); International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont (France, 2021); Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee 14 (Russia, 2020).