• y: 2015/16
  • c: Nartece

Nartece is an independent, artist-run exhibition space based in Porto.
From 2015 to 2016 we designed the exhibition posters.
As a completely independent and free space, without curatorial guidelines predefined, we took up a free graphic approach as well, without any constraint but the technical and production ones: each poster was (mainly) digitally printed in black and white, and then pasted across the city's streets, melting with its textures and graphics.

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  • 03

    "Amplio", 2016.
    Exhibition by Hugo Oliveira.

  • 04
  • 05

    "Mesa de Névoa com Flores de Ferro" (EN: "Mist Table with Iron Flowers"), 2016.
    Exhibition by João Drummond.

  • 06
  • 07

    "Ao menos de morder e ladrar desse consciência" (EN: "If at least bitting and barking would give us conscience"), 2015.
    Exhibition by David Ferreira.
    Screenprinted, 1 color on white and red paper.

  • 08
  • 09

    "Sala Vazia" (EN: "Empty Room"), 2015
    Exhibition by Afonso Mota.

  • 10

    "Culatra II" (EN: "Breech II"), 2015.
    Exhibition by Sara Graça.

Format: 420x594mm