In Residence


  • y: 2016
  • c: Porto City Hall

inresidenceporto is an online platform which promotes art residency spaces and projects based in Porto.
Organized by the City Hall of Porto, it aims to bridge national and international artists with the opportunities and resources which can be found in Porto to develop residency projects across different art forms.
We were asked to build this platform's visual identity.

  • 02

    Opening screen – english.

  • 03

    Opening screen – portuguese.
    The opening sequence features a typographic animation, where the user can choose the language before entering the website.

  • 04

    As we change devices or screen resolutions, the typographic composition always adjusts.

  • 05

    On the first page, all the available residencies are presented and the user can navigate through them with the help of five categories.

  • 06

    Each residence has its own page, with photos and information.

  • 07

Screen capture. For more, please visit www.inresidenceporto.pt.

Visit the website at www.inresidenceporto.pt
Web development by Webprodz
Typeface: Graphik, Commercial Type