Diogo Aguiar Studio


  • y: 2016
  • c: Diogo Aguiar, Studio for Art and Architecture

Diogo Aguiar, Studio for Art and Architecture is a statement, symbol of a collaborative practice, focused on the conception of small-scale buildings and ephemeral urban installations, lead by the architect Diogo Aguiar.
Their visual identity unfolds around this statement, understanding it as a unified, continuous piece, whose boundaries are tested and played with, resulting in an array of possibilities for the identity to grow. Its length, and the meaning it carries, constitutes the studio’s strength.

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    Business Cards, three models

  • 04

    The word “studio", as the strongest symbol for a collaborative practice and as the center of the full name, should always be present, whenever possible.

  • 05

    Letterhead and quotes templates

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Understanding empty space as a crucial part of architecture, art and design, white space plays an essencial part in the way the identity unfolds itself. It appears as a consequence of the written word, which shapes its boundaries, therefore enhancing the word and its meaning(s). This respect for white space, allow us to enter this new, more playfull and abstract stage, where single letters stand out, whithout being perceived as an acronym.

Format: 85x50mm Printing: Offset printing and embossing on duplexed Opale Reference Wove Pure White 250g. Copies: 500